Barcode Solutions

As a nation of consumers we come across barcodes every day. They are featured on just about every product that we buy and are used at the point of sale. The supermarket is a good example of one highly-organised barcode system; you select your item and take it to the checkout where the cashier will scan the barcode. The barcode contains essential data about the item such as its price and any discounts that may be applicable. The barcode system allows the checkout attendant to scan items quickly which results in a high level of customer satisfaction and more revenue for the retailer. However, point of sale is not the only area of business that relies on the use of barcodes; this simple and effective scanning method has many different benefits.

Inventory control

The benefits of barcode solutions really come in to their own in inventory control. Manually tracking inventory is modern business can be both time consuming and labour intensive. The implementation of barcodes makes the whole process much easier, taking away the possibility of human error. By attaching a barcode tag to each item in the inventory, hand-held scanners can be used to track products that are shipped and received. A portable scanner can take the details from a barcode and be uploaded to a central computer system which can be then used to oversee the entire inventory-ensuring that stock levels are maintained and items are easily located.

Quality control

Barcode solutions can also be put to good use in quality control, creating permanent records for tracking components and parts, as well as data on test and inspection history.


Part numbers, serial numbers and shipping information can be identified by using a uniquely generated and printed barcode. This can enhance package tracking and help businesses locate any items that have gone missing during transport.

Great for small businesses

Barcodes are a very cheap to use for small businesses and are a cost-effective alternative to RFID chips. Barcode solutions are simpler and less complex than RFID applications, and while they may be a little more time consuming to scan (as scanners can only read one barcode at a time), they offer a better return on investment (ROI) for small businesses running on low budgets.
Barcode solutions bring efficiency to businesses, and with small businesses operating on thin margins, any system that saves on time and labour is favourable.