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Three Exciting NEW Additions to Our Range

At Ritchey-ID, we are committed to using our in-depth knowledge of identification solutions to introduce highly practical new products.

ATEX-approved tags: 

Ritchey ID ATEX certified tag

ATEX approved tags are required for certain industries where explosive atmospheres may occur, such as the Oil and Gas sectors. The Ritchey-ID ATEX Tag is ideal  for use alongside software for a comprehensive one-stop solution within these industries. It is designed to bring all the benefits of RFID and is a reliable, high quality option for equipment in need of regulatory inspection.

ATEX certification offers the assurance that Ritchey-ID tags have passed stringent testing and are fit for purpose in even the harshest of environments. The RFID slots into the bespoke designed tag enclosure, which can be easily retrofitted to meet your equipment identification and inspection needs.

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RFID enabled Cable Tie:

Ritchey ID RFID Cable Ties, the perfect retrofit identification solution

The Ritchey-ID RFID Cable Tie is the ideal retrofit RFID tag, for use on small applications such as pipes, cables and lifting equipment.

The RFID cable tie contains a ‘pocket’ which can be loaded with either a low/high frequency RFID tag for use with test, inspection and maintenance software. It is the ideal product for fast and effective identification if you operate lifting, cable management, hose management or rigging services, and looking to identify pipes, cables or hoses which are bound by regulation.

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Ritchey ID Tystrap

The Tystrap has a simple strap design and is ideal when you need  to include date critical information for test and inspection use on smaller applications. It is easy to fit, with a locking mechanism that can be used with the thumb and forefinger. Once it is in place, it can’t be opened without breaking it, making it tamper evident too.

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