Inspection Labels

Equipment inspection is an essential part of almost every industry; from the oil and gas industries, to construction and even offices, regular inspections of tools and equipment is required to ensure that items are working properly. This is required not only to guarantee that staff are using equipment that works, but to maintain safety in the workplace. Equipment that is not functioning as it should, can lead to a loss of efficiency in work processes, and worse, can put people’s lives at risk.

Inspection labels are used to show that an item is safe or unsafe for use and clearly states information about the inspection and the date that it was carried out. An inspector can place a label on the equipment to notify users of the next inspection date, where products are faulty the label can also provide the information that an inspector needs to know what the specific problem is and the items needed to fix the equipment.

Types of inspection labels

There are different types of inspection labels that can be used on parts, tools and equipment. A common type is a sticker label, which is generally colour-coded: green for a passed inspection and red for a failed inspection, the result of the inspection will also be clearly displayed in writing. Stick on labels will provide enough space for the inspector to write any required information, the date and a signature. These labels are commonly used on various hand tools and equipment on construction sites.

Inspection labels may also come in tag form, manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use. Heavy duty card tags are generally used for indoor use and a ‘tear-off’ system is generally used. This system allows an inspector to see the information on the tag and then replace it for one that is valid until the next inspection date. Outdoor tags, or inspection labels that are required in areas where there is the possibility of tearing, exposure to water or chemicals, can be manufactured from high density polyethylene, to provide extra durability.

Custom made labels are designed specifically for your company and will feature a company logo, as well as specific wording requested by you. They will also be designed to be written on in both pen and pencil.

Inspection labels help provide you with a clear visual of products and allow both inspectors and users to quickly determine whether equipment is safe to use, or in need of inspection, quarantine or repair.