Our Products

Plain tags – ideal for visual inspection

Our carefully designed plain tags are made from highly durable polyurethane or nylon material to suit many applications. They are available in a range of colours and in multiples of 50, and you can mark your own tags with information using our indelible markers.

They are large enough to record information from company logos to safety critical data and the colour coding is ideal for inspection safe use.

As with all of our products, they are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Please choose the type of tag you need from our range or contact us for advice:

Ritchey-ID Plain Tags, colour coding, asset management, labeling etc...







Printed, personalised tags – for just the information you need

We can laser print all our tags to your own specification – perhaps with branding details or safety critical information – to provide an indelible mark that will last the lifetime of the tag.

All the tags in our plain tags range can be personalised for you.

Please click the images below to see our full range of printed tags.

Ritchey-ID Printed Tags, Inspection, Asset Management, Labeling, Traceability and more...







Barcoded tags – for fast, accurate information capture

A Ritchey ID barcoded tag is ideal for enabling operators to support your test and inspection regime and to gather other useful management information.
Once captured by the barcode reader, information can be stored on a personal computer and organised using Windows-compatible software that we supply and update to offer you an on-going solution. We are one of a few businesses to apply bar codes for automated data capture and asset management, test and inspection purposes. Barcoding technology is also ideal for applications such as inventory control.

Choose a barcoded solution for:

  • Managing useful information
  • Information capture that is faster and more accurate
  • Easier inventory management
  • Reduced labour input
  • A watertight audit trail (for health and safety compliance).

If you want to know if barcoded tags might be the right solution for your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

Ritchey-ID Barcoded Tags - Available in a variety of styles and colours







Cable ties – Flexible and durable for cable management

Select from our multi-purpose range of durable plastic cable ties, which thread through and lock as a tamperproof measure. You can have them supplied plain, or pre-printed to your specification to assist with your cable management. Each cable tie variation is available in nine colours and can be ordered in multiples of 100.

Available in a wide range of sizes, our cable ties are idea for use as:

  • Fixatives for the flag tags in the nylon range of tags
  • Coloured identifiers for small equipment and low cost equipment that requires identification.

Ritchey-ID Cable Ties, Tie Tags - RFID, Colours, Printed, Plain and more...







Metal/stainless steel cable ties – for high temperature applications

Metal/stainless cable ties, which you can have laser marked, are used for high temperature applications, particularly hydraulic hose applications and offshore.

These ties are designed for where it is unacceptable for a tag to hang due to snagging etc. We also offer stainless dog tags, again where temperature is a consideration.

If you want to know about using these high quality products for your cable management, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

Ritchey-ID Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Dog Tags







Thermally printed tags – for hostile environments

We understand that you may operate equipment in a hostile environment, from corrosive chemicals to extreme temperatures. This range is carefully designed to operate effectively in these areas. Thermally printed tags.

 Ritchey-ID can provide thermally printed tags and thermal printers for your asset management and identification needs






RFID – for fast, accurate management information

The latest RFID (radio frequency identification) technology captures information electronically and stores it on a transponder (or tag). This fast and efficient system is ideal for excellent security of your assets, for remote monitoring of mobile and fixed assets, for test and inspection and inventory control and more.

Ritchey-ID offer a wide array of RFID; Tags, Cable Ties, PDA, Software and more...